Why choose WPC

Grouting is one of the many specialist solutions we offer on projects big or small. while this work is mostly hidden on a finished building it is vital to structural integrity. Our attention to detail never goes unnoticed.

Grouting solutions

  • Dry pack
  • Base plate
  • Base isolating
  • Under-slab
  • General void
  • Cementitious
  • Epoxy grout

Alastair Miles

Company Director, Miles Construction

"WPC do a very good job. It’s more than just on site, they help us out when we have queries on how or what product we should use and how we should approach a job. We get them involved early on in the design stage, too. It helps us to identify the right product and make sure we detail it in the correct way to get the best outcome.

What stands out is their design and product knowledge. Their teams on site are excellent and they’ve got good QA systems in place. We trust them to get the job done right. They are one of our preferred suppliers and I’d recommend using them."

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