Charteris Bay

Banks Peninsula
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Photo credit: Sarah Rowlands Photography

What we did

The project

Installing a roof garden system is never a particularly easy feat. So, when the building is ‘hung’ off the side of a cliff and the site has no vehicle access, the project becomes even more interesting. This architecturally designed masterpiece on Banks Peninsula included a Viking Roof Garden System that offers both functional and aesthetic benefits as it blends in with its coastal environment

The project involved supply and installation of a waterproofing membrane system on a naturally challenging cliff site. The material for the proposed system was in excess of 2 tonnes and with no vehicle access within 50 metres, all material had to be carried and loaded onto the roof by hand.

"They were really good. When a new sub-contractor comes on site, you look at their work for about half an hour and you sort of know if you have to worry about them or not. I knew straight away I didn’t have to at all," says Logan.

The product

Viking Roofspec Roof Garden System is a built-up system with layers consisting of:

  • 2 layers of General Garden FLL Anti-Root torch-on membrane
  • Roof garden drainage board which incorporates moisture retention matt and protection course
  • Roof garden aluminum edging to retain garden materials


Roof size 180m².

Work area

The Viking Roof Garden was installed on 2 x main roof areas.

Charteris Bay Rooftop Side View

Photo credit: Sarah Rowlands Photography

The result

Being a roof garden with living spaces underneath, waterproofing is of the utmost importance and Nottswood Construction needed a specialist who they could trust to do the job right. Since completion, the owners have enjoyed the aesthetic benefits of a well-installed roof garden system. We delivered on time and to a very high standard with a happy client and a happy homeowner.

Logan Nottswood

Owner, Nottswood Construction

It was a major project for me and I needed professional installers. So I just said to Viking that I wanted the best. Based on the work they did, it’s definitely a no brainer for me to continue working with them. There’s no job too big or too small for them and their quality is the highest I’ve seen in torch-on membrane.